The circumstances of Freddie’s death are unclear. But, there is a sense that the police have covered up something. Unfortunately, the reality of Baltimore is such that police brutality is a believable conclusion.

How did we get to this point? It’s not just Baltimore - Baltimore is just another city in a list of towns where people have taken to violence in the streets. It seems as though things are getting worse, which is the opposite of what I believe would be the case in 21st century. Perhaps its just we are going deeper.

As I am writing this, Mark Lamont Hill, a commentator on CNN, says the use of the word “rioters” is inappropriate - “these are uprisings.” To sum up his point, once all avenues of being heard have been exhausted, what do you have left?

I have some compassion for this position, at what point does the meaning shift, from meaningless destruction to righteous rage. As with most things - this exists on a spectrum. I am doubtful that clinging to some hard extreme brings about a solution - at this point I only hope that this serves as a release.

Its what comes after that is going to count - the reflection on the cause and its effect. Sandtown is an extremely impoverished area and The Baltimore Sun has effectively reported on the problems of police brutality in Baltimore - is it a riot or an uprising? At some point these events take on a life of their own, the facts do not matter, the symbolism overcomes whether something is true or not - in a way the destruction of Baltimore has been happening for a long time.

For three immeasurably long eons, [Avalokiteshvara] works providing the beings with everything of which he can think. Then he looks and he sees even more beings suffering. He sees reactive emotions are even stronger. He sees they are suffering from poverty. All need help very, very quickly. He can’t understand. Things are worse off than before. He sits and says, “What’s the use?” Then his head bursts into a thousand pieces.

His guru Amitabha shows up and says, “Well, you broke your vow. What are you going to do now?” Ken McLeod, Six Armed Mahakala